All American 921 21.5 Quart Pressure Cooker/Canner

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The All American pressure cooker might just be the only pressure cooker and canner you need for your kitchen when you want to do pressure cooking with your food or do some canning projects. This kitchen equipment has virtually eliminated some of the previous cooking difficulties in the past, especially in pressure cooking and canning.

For one, with the All American 921, the weighted pressure gauge has transformed the chore of pressure cooking and canning almost foolproof. With the utensil, maintaining the pressure is much easier and safer. It virtually eliminates the need for one to hover around the stove trying to constantly monitor the increase (or decrease) in the pressure inside the air-tight pot.

The utensil had also removed the need to constantly vent off the pot’s pressure once it is reached. The utensil needs no more use for a gasket like it was in the old days. Also unlike in the old days, this cooker guarantees no blow-outs, no faults in the seals and no more leaks.

The Specifics

This 21.5 quarts All American pressure canner with dual use, holds 19 pint jars or 7 quart jars per cooking, fitted into the average cooking size of an average family. The canner’s body is made of hand-cast aluminum thick enough to guarantee that it can endure the rigors of pressure cooking of foods even with constant use. (Its uses in the medical field where pressurized sterilization makes no room for error had been another documented success.)

What makes this utensil stand out is its exclusive sealing system done “metal to metal” to make the seal steam-tight. The slide clips and screw-downs securely fasten the lid to the pot.

In contrast with the others, this cooker features no gaskets. It has a geared steam gauge and an automatic over-pressure release. For your various needs, you can choose its several settings (5 psi, 10 psi, and 15 psi).

Real-Time Process

Apprehensions on how to maintain a steady pressure even with a flat-top stove has been solved in the All American 921, all because of its thick aluminum walls. The burner can be set on high to build the pressure without much supervision even as the pressure mounts.

Once your desired pressure is set, maintenance is easy without the constant action of venting off the pressure every so often. One other plus factor is that the utensil can hold its present pressure for another 10 minutes or so after the burner is off, saving energy and power. The cooker’s thick walls make it so. (The downside, if you can call it that, is it takes a little longer for the cooker to cool down as compared with the others.)


The All American pressure canner 921 has got only about two downsides to it: its weight and its height. Normally, the canner weighs around 20 pounds when empty. Transporting a fully-loaded canner might be a problem with some users if things are unplanned.

For people who cooks huge batches of food, this cooker is just about perfect. The same is true for people who love to can a lot of food, especially those fruits and vegetables that are abundant in their respective seasons. Canning them ensures there will be enough supply to last till the next fruiting season.

The other downside is that this canner needs at least some 16-inch clearance over the range. If the range has an upper oven, there is a problem of having it fit in the space between.

Consumer Feedback

One of the better gauges in a consumer product is the feedback from the consumer themselves.  For the All American pressure cooker, the comments have been varied – from operating the cooker all the way to how it is built and how it works.

The size and heft of the utensil and the thickness of the aluminum wall, each customer finds ways to like them or ways to dismiss them as they cannot get rid of them anymore. For housewives, the weight is a given problem that they must endure. Others counter that the design makes for faster cooking.


The All American 921 has its own company site where you can ask for replacement parts should you ever need them. The original gauges have been tested for accuracy, which is vital in the canning process. The gauge is the only part that really needs replacement because it does not have a seal.

However, the company has a full line of replacement for the All American pressure cooker should they ever be needed. As it is, the company made sure of its unique no-gasket design, securing lugs, and all the other safety features built into the cooker.

The lid is guaranteed not to leak and that it fits perfectly every time. With its parts fully supported with replacement, the company’s claim that the utensil can outlast its owner might not be an empty declaration at all.

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