Cuisinart CPC-600 1000-Watt 6-Quart Electric Pressure Cooker

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Imagine you are a mom of two young children and work full time. You drop your kids off at daycare, head to work, exercise, run errands on the way to pick up kids, head home, make a nutritious dinner, run baths, read stories, and cuddle before bed time. You don’t have hours to spend preparing a gourmet meal. You need something that is protein filled, vitamin packed, simple to put together, and fast to cook. An Cuisinart electric pressure cooker can help by cutting your cooking time by up to 70 percent.

Cuisinart has created a functional and easy to use option for those new to the world of pressure cooking. This is a 6 quart electric slow cooker that features push button control, Low and High pressure, browning, simmer, sauté, and keep warm settings. The easy to use buttons relieve you of navigating complicated menus and controls to cook a simple dish. The digital thermostat and nonstick cooking pot make creating perfectly cooked meals easy and user friendly. The cool touch handles mean no worries about burning your hands on scalding hot metal.  After enjoying your delicious meal, Cuisinart has made clean up a breeze with their dishwasher safe cooking pot and trivet. The outside of the machine is made of fingerprint proof brushed stainless steel. Just a quick wipe down with a damp sponge leaves it sparkling clean.

Cuisinart CPC-600 1000-Watt 6-Quart

For those who have steered away from pressure cooking because of horror stories of exploding pots and burned chefs, the cpc-600 has seven built in safety features making pressure cooking safer than ever. First, the lid automatically locks when the cooker is under pressure. It’s guaranteed to stay firmly in place even if the machine falls over. Next, a control device constantly measure the temperature and adjusts it when needed. There is also a pressure limit valve. This valve allows air to be released if the internal pressure ever exceeds the proper programmed setting. In addition, there is an anti-block cover which keeps food from clogging the pressure valve. If maximum allowable pressure is ever exceeded, a pressure relief device will for the pot downward breaking the seal between the pot and the gasket. If the pressure cooker is ever accidentally turned on or left on without food in the cooker, a thermostat will force it to turn off. The final safety feature is a thermal fuse that causes the power circuit to open if the cooker ever exceeds the maximum temperature.

Many people have had great luck with a Cuisinart Pressure Cooker. Their vegetables are crisp and full of flavor. The steam intensifies the flavors of many foods, making it easier to use less salt in cooking. Less salt is good for everyone, especially those watching their blood pressure. Meats are cooked quickly, yet still moist and juicy. The pressure cooker allows you to serve your family a home cooked meal that you can feel good about while still being able to enjoy time with your family. No more screaming and rushing around trying to throw something together so you’re not stuck in the kitchen with two toddlers running around. Who knew two kids could destroy so much so fast?

Despite Cuisinart’s best efforts, this pressure cooker has not always performed perfectly. One user who was new to the world of pressure cooking reported that after a couple of uses, she noticed the pressure valve was sticky and it didn’t seem to be getting enough pressure. While she was pretty disappointed, she was determined to figure out this simple cooking method. After dismantling the cooker, she concluded that she was not doing a good job cleaning it after each use. After a thorough cleaning, it was good to go.

Another user reported the cooker abruptly stopped having heat. Even after a thorough cleaning the cooker was unable to produce heat. The heating coil went bad through no fault of the user. While, she was highly disappointed that it lasted less than six months, she happily reported that Cuisinart honored their three year warranty. The pressure cooker was replaced in a timely manner and without any hassle on her part. One user reported that Cuisinart replaced her cooker 3 times in one year.

Not all pressure cookers are the same. You need something you can rely on to deliver delicious and properly cooked meals every time. For your family, trust the Cuisinart 6 quart pressure cooker. It’s not perfect, but with the right combination of ingredients, your dinner will be tasty and ready in no time. In addition, for those users who are new to the world of pressure cooking, the Cpc-600 is a great addition to your kitchen. As you become more experienced, you may seek out a more sophisticated cooker. However, with its fantastic warranty you cannot go wrong with a Cuisinart pressure cooker to start your journey.

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