Fagor Duo Stainless-Steel 6-Quart Pressure Cooker

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With the many brands in today’s pressure cooker segment, Fagor Duo Stainless-Steel 6-Quart Pressure Cooker stands out as one of the better buys in the market. Aside from the price, it has its other qualities that capture the market’s taste. This is over and above the pot’s factory-designed features conceived by its manufacturer.

Feature for feature, the Fagor duo pressure cooker has its outstanding qualities compared with the same cooking equipment in its class and category. The benefits that the product offers are usually the gauge why it outsells the other brands, as preferred by the consumers themselves.

With the Fagor duo, the fact that it is easy to clean helped in tipping the balance in consumer preference. (Nobody takes the cooker to the sink anymore to have the water cool over the pan and release the pressure fast.) Making fast but tasty meals that cook in less time and using less energy and effort certainly tips the preference scale, even including such an aesthetic aspect as design.

Some Selling Features

Fagor 6 quart pressure cooker has been designed to cook in less time and effort using less energy that redounds to reduce actual cooking time by up to 70% than the regular length.

The design had been conceived in using 18/10 stainless steel with aluminum sandwich. This is to come up with even heating of the food. It also has built-in advanced safety features to prevent excessive pressure.

The 6 quart pressure cooker from Fagor has the advantage of having a scorched- free meal.  This is due to the 18/10 stainless steel surrounding the aluminum at the bottom. Customers likewise feel safe with the fool-proof dial that indicates whether the pressure is low or high.

Another selling point is that there is nothing complicated in using the pressure cooker.

The Cooking Experience

Like other products, the proof is in the actual use itself which cannot be hyped or promoted through advertising. Users had been one in saying that the Fagon heavy duty stainless steel makes the food come out tasting like they are supposed to, with no off taste nor the fact that the flavor is absent because of the equipment itself.

The cooker is known to be versatile enough to be able to cook such food as pot roasts, all kinds of soups ribs, meatballs, stews, and others including rice pudding.

Once Fagor duo pressure cooker arrives at its designated pressurization point, the cooker quietly does what it does best — cooking the meal the way you wanted it and in a shorter time you would expect. The cooker has the ability to depressurize fast with the simple turn of the knob for the release of steam.

Another selling point is the ability of the Fagor duo cooker to cook either in gas or electric stove. Some popular cookers cannot cook equally well on either type of stove. Sometimes, some cookies blow their gaskets if left unattended while cooking in a stove not compatible with their system.

Compression Settings

Fagor Duo Pressure Cooker

This is important in the sense that regulating the pressure in other brands, you need to watch a rising spring loaded pressure indicator to be able to adjust the heat. In gas stoves, heat is quickly adjustable than its electric stove counterpart. This adjusting process becomes hard in other cookers because adjusting the heat in electric stoves is arbitrary (either too cold or too hot).

There are two spring compression settings on the Fagor 6 quart pressure cooker. One can choose to cook at any appropriate setting (8 psig or 15 psig) 15 psig is the standard for settings in most pressure cooking. Delicate foods (fish and the like) the 8 psig setting is normal.

Regulation Settings

In the 6 quart pressure cooker of the Fagor model, a compressed spring is used in regulating pressure. Other brands use a weight atop a vent pipe, called a jiggler valve.

A plastic yellow rod in the handle pops up when the unit moves to reach the desired pressure. The hissing from the escaping steam stops when the right pressure is reached. This pressure indicator is much simpler to use than most and works better. Once the desired pressure is achieved, the cooker proceeds to cook the meal in minutes.


Comparing side by side with some of the better brands in the market today, Fagor duo stainless steel 6 quart pressure cooker is one decent choice for a stainless steel pressure cooker without spending much or having a big dint on the pocket.

This is over the other choice aspects that include versatility, time savings, retention of food flavors, and other considerations.  For people who cook at home but who wants the little luxury of shorter cooking time, Fagor is one good choice. There is also savings earned not just on time but also on energy, effort, and ultimately, money.

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