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Kitchen appliances found in the modern kitchen can consume valuable counter top space leaving the kitchen full of clutter, making it look horrible. Today many cooking enthusiasts are on the hunt for a new appliance that will save space and is a multi-functional. There is one device on the market today that is worth mentioning that has been receiving notable attention around the world. This appliance is an electric pressure cooker created by Nesco. This pressure cooker comes packed in the ability to function as not only a slow cooker, but a steamer as well. That right, you will be able to toss out that old rice and slow cooker and trade it in for one appliance. The Nesco 3 in 1 pressure cooker is a wise choice for any cooking enthusiast looking to regain counter top space and cooking ease.

What’s Great About this 3-in-1 Digital Electric Pressure Cooker

For under $100 Nesco’s 3 in 1 pressure cooker is one of the most affordable and well-priced on the market today. Meals are cooked 70% faster and even supports the going green methodology by using the least amount of energy as possible when turned on or cooking. Pressure cooking has many benefits in ways of providing healthier cooked meals.  These meals can consist of soups, stews, chili, chicken, fish, and great tasting vegetables.  Great tasting vegetables will have that loved crisp and cooked in just minutes.  You will also notice preserved flavors and nutrients that create an excellent taste in those favorite meals.

What Are Customers Saying about this Nesco Pressure Cooker


Nesco PC6-25P has a high reputation amongst its users, with raving reviews about the quality and satisfactory cooking results.  Knowing all of these positive reviews are out there, it is safe to say that the Nesco 3 in 1 pressure cooker is king appliance for any kitchen. To truly be king, safety should also be a concern.  Nesco has designed and released the PC6-25P with both safety and ease of use in mind. It is truly an all rounded multi-functional pressure cooker that makes cooking sensations a pleasure.

What are a Few of the Safety Features?

  • Self-locking Cool Touch Lid
  • Automatic Pressure Release Valve
  • Dual-touch Handles
  • Light Weight

These are just a few of the safety features found on this 3 in 1 pressure cooker.  Nesco cares about their customers and wants pressure cooking to be fun, full of ease and safe.

 What are Some of the Best Features?

  • LED Display
  • Soft Touch Buttons
  • Non-stick Surface
  • 6-Quart Capacity
  • Cooking Rack
  • 5 Hour Delay for Slow Cooking
  • Self-Locking Lid

There a many great features and benefits in using this pressure cooker. The soft touch buttons on the pressure cooker allow for warm, steam, slow cook, and brown settings. These features allow for simple and easy functionality to prepare and cook meals the way you want. After the meal has cooked, the Nesco pressure cooker has an insert that is removable for ease of cleaning. Hand washing you dishes make not be your first choice when it comes to cleaning, so to make cleaning even easier, the insert is dishwasher safe. Nesco knows your time is valuable while going the cooking and cleaning cycle of any meal. There are many pressure cookers out on the market today that are hard to clean. The PC6-25P makes cleaning stress free and a breeze.

What Else is There About the Nesco PC6-25P?

You have almost read it all, but there are a few more words that will complement Nesco’s 3 in 1 pressure cooker and boost your buying decision. The Nesco PC6-25P is arguably one of the best inexpensive pressure cookers on the market today. Not only does it cook great, but the stainless steel design makes for a great looking, durable appliance for any kitchen large or small. Even if you have never used a pressure cooker, this Nesco model will be an excellent starter. In the end, all that is important from a pressure cooker is a simple and easy to use quality design that cooks great tasting food. As they say, there is proof in the pudding. Nesco’s 3 in 1 pressure cooker has that proof, delivering and wrapping all these qualities up nicely for home kitchens and chefs alike to enjoy.

 Should You Buy this Electric Pressure Cooker

If you are looking for a steamer and a pressure cooker and you would like to save space in your kitchen, then yes, this would be a great device for you.

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