Presto 01264 6-Quart Aluminum Pressure Cooker Review

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For the modern housewife whose time is limited and pressured, getting a Presto 01264 6 quart aluminum pressure cooker will certainly solve some logistics problems on labor, time, and money as well. For those in the know, the pot can cook sauces like it had been on the stove all day, while the meat stews cook in only a third of the time.

The benefit of using the pressure cooker in cooking cannot be overemphasized. With the cooker doubling up as a canner, the benefits pile up even more. With it, canning such food as cabbages and tomatoes, sausages, chicken, beans, meats, and fruits make for a sundry number of choices.


Canning also helps in storing perishable food if they cannot be consumed all at once. It also means savings, especially in the area of canning. With canning (and the later introduction of the canning process using the pressure cooker), food preservation gives food longer storage life.

Another big reason why canning is important is because this is one way to keep uninterrupted supply of the food you want all year round or, at least, until the next harvest season for those canned fruits and vegetables. (Some favorites are short-lived and need to be stored for longer consumption time.) What‘s more, doing the cooking with the cooker takes lesser time compared to the work in real-time cooking.


This presto cooker cooks chicken, meat, fish, and vegetables fast and perfect. The cooker helps in tenderizing the cuts of meat. Made of strong heavy-gauge aluminum, the cooker is designed for quick and even heating.

The cooker works on regular and smooth-top ranges. It has a pressure regulator that maintains automatic proper cooking pressure. The cover lock indicator shows when there is pressure in the cooker and prevents the cover from being opened until after the pressure is safely reduced.

There is also a special rack for cooking several foods together at once with no intermingling of flavors. The cooker has an extended 12-year limited warranty.

Pros and Cons

The Presto 01264 can be used to cook whole chickens and other foods. The canning of meats takes one hour under pressure. The top valve rocks when it is hot enough. The equipment is easy to use and easy to clean as well.

It can cook some excellent pot roast. The downside is the fact that it is made of aluminum which can interact with some acidic food (tomato sauce, etc.) and affects the taste. Also, it does not can foods in quart jars, only those in pints. On one end, one can try out canning at low entry cost.

Customer Feedback

The 6 quart aluminum pressure cooker from Presto has some very positive consumer comments, mostly along the lines of their satisfaction levels. The comments centers mainly on the taste of food, the ease of use, and the right size for use in a regular family.

On the other end, some customers noticed the discoloration inside the cooker after having been in use for canning and pressure cooking. (The unsolicited tip: a little vinegar on the water helps erase the discoloration.) As to alerts on the cooking process, a consumer tip is to simply turn down the burner to medium once the valve starts rocking and hissing.


Others find it hard to have their equipment cleaned especially when it is not dishwasher safe and some food bits are stuck in the bottom.  As of last report, washing by hands is the current recourse.

Others complain on the fact that things (food bits) stick on the cooker when they try to use it for frying and even during the pressure cooking process itself. The same consumer also questions why there is a recessed area inside the bottom of the pan. (The company had replied that it was to create a thicker area for heat distribution.)

Consumer tips

Other users caution on pushing the lid on, after the stuff starts boiling and you want to have the water level go down. Others share some cooking tips (6 pounds of apples turned into 5.5 pints of apple butter), others complain of some loose handle screws.

The other users share their tips on the upkeep of the utensils and its parts especially those that takes most of the wear and tear during use. On suggestion is on the use of oil around contact points on the seal so the cover is easily removed after cooking.

Another consumer advises that the seal in this pressure cooker needs to be removed and cleaned after every use. The consumer’s further advice is to accept the fact that the seal do not actually wear out but stretches out. In the end, it will not fit snugly into the lid, and one has to replace it with a new one.



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