Presto 01781 23-Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker

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The Presto 23 quart pressure cooker and canner had been a reliable, safe, and versatile piece of kitchen equipment since it was introduced into the market. This heavy-gauge aluminum equipment had been purposely designed by the manufacturers to resist warp and distortion caused by excessive heating.

With its dual versatile capacity, it can double up as a boiling-water canner for preserving fruits, jams, and jellies, pickles and many more, including meats, poultry, and seafood. (This is the only method recommended by the US Department of Agriculture.)

The other big job is being used as a large capacity pressure cooker. As such, Presto is at par with the very best pressure cooker brands in the market today in terms of safety, reliability, and versatility. It has other excellent qualities that makes it unique and one of the best in the world.


The Presto 01781 carries a deluxe pressure dial gauge that is used to register the whole and complete range of processing pressures. This precise measurement rendered by the gauge is very important especially at higher altitudes.

The warp-resistant heavy-gauge aluminum had been designed for fast and even heating all throughout its bottom. With it, the utensil can work just as good on either the regular and smooth-top ranges. The Presto 23 quart pressure canner carries a 12-year limited warranty.

The extra-large size is perfect for big canning jobs at home when seasonal fruits and vegetables abound but needed to be canned to have a year-round supply. It also comes in handy when used as a large capacity pressure cooker.


 The Presto 01781 is an excellent pressure canner and cooker with just the right price. One simply needs to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, especially having your pressure gauge checked by your county extension office.

Once tested and found working, you are on your way to experience your canner’s versatility. With its capacity, there would be no problems with quantity because the quality had already been guaranteed.


There had been some quibbles on the equipment’s rubber gasket and the emergency plug. After some time using the utensil, the rubber gasket loses its pliancy and there would be cracks on them.

Replacement is under $50 which includes shipping. (Or it can be had at some local dealer.) The replacement takes about twice in the canner’s lifetime which can equal the cost of buying a gasket-free canner. Local dealers sometimes do not have the parts when you need them.

Consumer Tips

For the uninitiated, using Presto 01781 23-quart pressure canner and cooker is simpler than one imagines, the best way being to follow the instructions in the book. The best precaution is on the utensil’s weight which might be a put-off to those who r not familiar with it.

When using it as a canner, it is best to be carful when taking out the jars. This is especially true with jars with half-pint wide mouths. Jar lifters are short and there is danger in burning oneself while getting those jars at the bottom part. Moving them off the heat while there are still jars inside is one big feat not to be done unless one is strong enough to do so.

Getting used to the pressure gauge is something that newbies need to know and work on. The company can help in checking the gauge. The simple test is to place on quart of water into the canner and get the pressure going (heating the canister). When the “rocker” begins to rattle, the pressure is around 15 pounds at sea level.

Other Issues

Other consumers praise the canner’s gauge because one can leave it unattended once it gets into the correct pressure based simply on the sound of pressure regulator. With the sound, one can lower the heat.

Others commended on the canners’ flat bottom since it is adaptable to both kinds of stoves, including those with ceramic tops. The flat bottom heats up evenly with uniform cooking of the food.

There is also some considerations to take note of when it comes to cleaning. Since the bulk of the utensil is made of aluminum, it cannot be cleaned via the dishwasher. There will be oxidation that releases the aluminum but can contaminate the food. The only alternative is labor-intensive hand washing of the equipment.

Stove Types

Concerns on the canners used on glass top stoves had been disproved. Some consumers reported they had been using theirs for years either on glass tops, electric coils, or on regular gas stoves. The use had been varied as well.

The Presto 23 quart pressure canner is simply one of the best for such cooking as water bath and pressure canning for almost all types and classes of foods like meats, beans, and fruits and vegetables.  Presto is safe, versatile and reliable. The versatility comes in its use as a water bath canner.



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